Little Muslim Busy Book

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THE FIRST ISLAMIC BUSY BOOK IN MALAYSIA! . Why this busy book is so special?


☑ COMES WITH REFERENCES FROM THE QURAN ☑ Facilitate teaching muslim children about prophets in Islam. We already summarised the stories for your children to remember easily,

for example, Prophet Nuh - ark, Prophet Salih - camel, Prophet Muhammad - Quran and many more!

☑ playing with clay is good for motor skills and creativity development .

What you’ll receive?

1. A box (CLEARANCE - part of the Box is torn)

2. 16 pages Islamic busy book

3. 40 pcs simple puzzle

4. 5 random colors of clay (important note: this clay’s type can be shaped and used only once.

Feel free to make homemade play dough or use your own plasticine for more colors ❤) .

Buy one set and let your children enjoy playing with velcro-puzzle and clay yaaayy!