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Susu Kambing Juna

Susu Kambing Juna

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Benefits of SUSUJUNA:

  1. Suitable for all ages starting from 1yo
  2. 2nd best milk after breastmilk
  3. Helps to strengthen the body system & increase immunity
  4. Easy to digest
  5. Rich in calcium that helps with blood flow, strengthens bones, stabilizes blood pressure, etc
  6. Contains antibodies to help with gastric pain
  7. Increases memory and focus
  8. Stabilizes cholesterol & blood sugar levels

Original: Zero added sugar! Enriched with the goodness of dates, honey, promegranate, and arabic gum (manna).

Chocolate: Using 100% cocoa powder with a little bit of added sugar to neutralize the bitterness of the cocoa powder, this is definitely a healthier version of your everyday Milo!

Luxe: Advanced formula of SusuJuna Original! It is creamier. richer, more nutritious and uses less scoops (3 scoops of luxe = 5 scoops of original).

Strawberi: Main Ingredients are the same: Dates, Pomegranate, Honey, Manna and Goat milk. Additional Strawberry Extract (No colouring)
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