كَ = Your

كَ = Your

كَ = Your
. It has the same concept as the previous attached pronouns.

It is used for belongings/ownership.
Your book = كِتَابُكَ
كِتَابٌ + كَ(أَنْتَ)
Your grandfather = جَدُّكَ
جَدٌّ + كَ(أَنْتَ)

Difference between separated pronouns(SP) and attached pronouns(AP):
1. SP: Nouns are after the pronouns.
AP: Nouns are before the pronouns.

2. SP: Nouns and pronouns must be of the same gender. AP: Nouns and pronouns are not required to be of the same gender.

3. SP: The nouns must be referring to human only. AP: Nouns can be objects/human.

The attached pronouns should be referring to 2nd person and males.

*When we attached the pronouns to the nouns, the nouns should not have ال at the front nor tanwin (ً ٌ ٍ ) at the end of word.

(x) الكِتَابُكَ
(x) كِتَابٌكَ


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