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About Us

Little Muslim Readers was founded with the belief that children should be given a head start in achieving Arabic literacy. Understanding the language of which the message of Islam is delivered in, is very much the foundation to have a better understanding of Islam hence being a better muslim.

A part of what we do is teaching with the Montessori approach; encouraging students to use their senses to explore the uniqueness of arabic letter formation. Together with the loving attention from our teachers, this activity based lesson enhances their learning journey in a fun and meaningful way.

Our Program

We offer a range of enriching educational experiences to nurture a deep understanding of Quranic Education and Arabic Literacy. Explore our programs and embark on a meaningful journey towards a greater connection with the Quran.

Islamic Playgroup Program (IPP)

This fun filled, activity based program has been designed to optimize early childhood development targeted for children age 3 years old.

Islamic Montessori Program (IMP)

This individual based reading program is designed for kids aged 4 to 6 yrs old using Montessori Approach, each class with a ratio of one teacher to five students at most.

Arabic Montessori Program (AMP)

This is our signature program to prepare students for Madrasah Entrance Test using Montessori Approach.

My Qur’an Journey (MQJ)

This Quranic Literacy program are designed to guide the students in individual reading, memorising short surahs & Understanding tafseer of surah in Juz Amma.

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