1st Person Pronouns (الضمير للمُتَكَلِّم/للمُتَكَلِّمَة); ‎أَنَا - ‎نَحْنُ (Part 1)

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The third category for ضَمِيرٌ مُنْفَصِلٌ is the 1st person pronouns(الضمير للمُتَكَلِّم/للمُتَكَلِّمَة);
‎أَنَا - ‎نَحْنُ

‎*المُتَكَلِّم = The person who is talking

It means “I”.
The pronoun can be used for both female and male.

If the pronoun is for female, the nouns after it will have the signs of feminine.
أَنَا تِلْمِيذَةٌ = I am a student
‎*(ـة) is one of the feminine signs*

If the pronoun is for male, the nouns after it will be masculine.
أَنَا تِلْمِيذٌ = I am a student

Note that:
- The nouns should be singular.
- The nouns should not refer to anything else other than humans.
- This pronoun (أَنَا) is applicable to both feminine (مُؤَنَّث) and masculine (مُذَكَّر).


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