2nd Person Pronouns (أَنْتَ -أَنْتِ) - Part 2

2nd Person Pronouns (أَنْتَ -أَنْتِ) - Part 2

Today, we will learn about the 2nd category of separated pronouns; 2nd person pronouns (أَنْتَ -أَنْتِ)

These pronouns are used for when you’re conversing with people, thus the name (المُخَاطَب).

Both means “You”. The only difference is the baris for Ta’ which helps distinguish the gender.
أَنْتَ - You (for man)
أَنْتِ - You (for woman)

The same concept is used in a sentence.
✨The pronouns and nouns must be of the same gender. ✨

Example for feminine -
You are a (female) teacher = أَنْتِ مُدَرِّسَةٌ
You smile = أَنْتِ تَبْتَسِمِينَ

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