Attached Pronouns (ضَمِيرٌ مُتَّصِلٌ) to nouns

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This week, we will cover on Attached Pronouns(ضَمِيرٌ مُتَّصِلٌ) to nouns.

Do you still remember the 6 pronouns we have learned last week?

We will be using the same pronouns, but in a different setting.

When the pronouns are on its own, it will usually be placed before the nouns, and the nouns must only be referring to humans.

For the attached pronouns, the pronouns will be after the nouns, and the nouns can be of human beings or objects of any gender. It is to show that the humans/objects belongs to something or someone.(Belongings).

This is Umar. His book is green.
هَذا عُمَرُ. وَكِتَابُهُ أَخْضَرُ.
His book is presented as كِتَابُهُ.
كِتَابٌ + هُ (هُوَ) = كِتَابُهُ


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