Present Tense

Present Tense



We are reaching towards the end of our campaign.
The final topic for Arabic 101 is on verbs: Present Tense.

We will still be using the 6 pronouns we have learned (هُوَ - هِيَ - أَنْتَ - أَنْتِ - أَنَا - نَحْنُ).
So I hope everyone can already differentiate the pronouns based on gender and meaning.

فِعْلٌ - Verb/ Action
مُضَارِعٌ - Present

We usually use يَفْعَلُ as an example which also means He does.

From the meaning of that one word (يَفْعَلُ), we know it is used for the pronoun (هُوَ).
How do we know this?
By the harf (يَـ) in the beginning of the word.

So to identify which pronouns the verbs are referring to, we identify the conjugation or prefixes(something we add at the front) and suffixes(something we add at the end) of the verb.

In this series of فِعْلٌ مُضَارِعٌ, we will come across prefixes; يَـ - تَـ - أَ - نَـ and only one suffix (ين) which you will discover later on.

acronym: يَأتِينَ


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