Separated Pronouns ( ضَمِيرٌ مُنْفَصِلٌ)

Separated Pronouns ( ضَمِيرٌ مُنْفَصِلٌ)


For this week, we will focus on separated pronouns( ضَمِيرٌ مُنْفَصِلٌ).

DISCLAIMER: We only cover 6/14 pronouns, as these are for singulars and commonly used.

The pronouns are divided into three categories.
1. 3rd person pronouns (He,She)
2. 2nd person pronouns (You)
3. 1st person pronouns (I,We)

The categories above will also be divided based on gender such as “He” is used for man, “She” is used for woman.

There will be examples on how to use these pronouns in a sentence.

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