About Us

 Little Muslim Readers was founded with the belief that children should be given a head start in achieving Arabic literacy. Understanding the language of which the message of Islam is delivered in, is very much the foundation to have a better understanding of Islam hence being a better muslim.

A part of what we do is teaching with the Montessori approach; encouraging students to use their senses to explore the uniqueness of arabic letter formation. Together with the loving attention from our teachers, this activity based lesson enhances their learning journey in a fun and meaningful way.


The idea for this initiative was born during our first years of parenting. We have been searching around for good quality Arabic hands-on materials and good reading programs to educate to our own children until we stumbled upon the Montessori approach and developed our own program by using our proficiency in Arabic language and pairing it with Montessori apparatus to enhance the learning experience, thereupon by the grace of Allah we succeeded and begun using this approach to teach other young learners as well which was met with unprecented success with close to 100 percent of children who went through our program passed their full time Madrasah entrance test and was accepted since this program was incepted.

By practising one to one approach system we believe that students will get full attention from our teachers and learn at their own pace.


Leading young children to fulfil their full potential in achieving Arabic literacy.


With a combination of a good program with passionate teachers and students, we believe that every child is able to learn and read in Arabic in their early years.