Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

Looking for a place to send your beloved child to learn Islam and Arabic literacy? Look no more!

Little Muslim Readers provides Islamic education and Arabic language enrichment programs for young learners aged 3 to 9 years old since 2012. Learn more about our programs!

Little Muslim Readers was founded with the belief that children should be given a head start in achieving Arabic literacy. Understanding the language of which the message of Islam is delivered in, is very much the foundation to have a better understanding of Islam hence being a better muslim.

A part of what we do is teaching with the Montessori approach; encouraging students to use their senses to explore the uniqueness of arabic letter formation. Together with the loving attention from our teachers, this activity based lesson enhances their learning journey in a fun and meaningful way.

Leading young children to fulfil their full potential in achieving Arabic literacy.

With a combination of a good program with passionate teachers and students, we believe that every child is able to learn and read in Arabic in their early years.


Little Muslim Readers Education Centres

Little Muslim Readers Enrichment Centres, A centre which provides enrichment based programs for preschoolers age students as a supplement to their Islamic & Arabic proficiency learning including Quranic Memorisation.

List of Programs: 

* Islamic Montessori Program (IMP - Weekdays) 
* Arabic Montessori Program (AMP - Weekends)
* Islamic PLaygroup Program (IPP-  Weekdays & Weekdays)

Find out more details about our program.

Brainy Bunch International Montessori (Singapore)

Apart from running our enrichment centres, we are also commited in providing a holistic islamic environment Kindergarten & Childcare in Singapore!

Do visit our Official Website: www.brainybunch.sg

Brainy Bunch was established with the intention of promoting an education that encourages the natural potentials of each child. Our Objectives is to impart the educational tools that are essential for our children to achieve academic excellence.

This rich heritage we have acquired from the Montessori philosophy stands the test of time.                                    

Our specific goals include:

  • To help each child develop self-confidence.
  • To stimulate a child’s innate love of learning.
  • To develop a positive attitude toward school.
  • To consider the development of the whole child.
  • To foster inner security and sense of order in the child.
  • To assist each child in building a habit of concentration.
  • To incorporate all the senses in the learning experiences.
  • To provide a nurturing, cooperative learning environment
  • To develop habits of initiative, persistence and excellence.
  • To encourage respect for self, others, the environment and all life.
  • To prepare our students at the level necessary for worldly success.
  • To teach the concept of faith with action through the example of staff and administration.
  • To nurture social awareness and responsibility through involvement in community cause.

Our Locations: 

* Kindergarten Program are held in Hougang & Pasir Ris Campus 
* Childcare program in Woodlands & Sembawang Campus

*All Brainy Bunch Campus are registered under Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)  & CDA Baby Bonus Approved Institution.