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Daily Du'a & Dhikr Book (Soft Cover)

Daily Du'a & Dhikr Book (Soft Cover)

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The First Islamic Book Series featuring Sofi & Sofiyah published by LMR Education!

This book focuses on the daily supplications that every Muslim needs to learn as part of a our daily routine.

Reasons why this book is a must-to-have:

🤩 Each Du'a and Dhikr is carefully chosen to suit the syllabus of MET (Madrasah Entrance Test) in Singapore.

🤩 Standardized transliteration that is used worldwide, with guidance on each pronunciation to help parents and non-Arabic readers with the recitation

🤩 Includes English translation for every Du'a and Dhikr, for better understanding and making each supplication more meaningful.

🤩 Although it is designed for kids, it is practically good for all ages. Yes, even adults can benefit from this book too!

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