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Foam Magnetic Alphabet Letters

Foam Magnetic Alphabet Letters

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  • The alphabet magnets are useful for kids to learn. It includes 208 magnetic letters, 2 question marks and 2 exclamation marks, a small magnetic white board , 1 wipe off marker and an adorable bone-shaped eraser. There are enough letters to learn ABC's and a few words. Lots of uppercase and lowercase letters! It has 6 sets of lowercase letters and 2 sets of capital letters which allows for spelling where there are repeat letters.


  • The alphabet letters magnets are foam and soft with a weak magnet sticker on the back. The kids learned ABC so fast while playing. They stick to the frig perfectly. Really well crafts. Even though one side of the magnetic letters is colorful, the other side is not black. The dry erase marker works nicely in the board and the eraser does its job. A good size for your little ones hands.


  • The alphabet letters magnets are light and durable. The magnetic letters are not plastic. Best gift for 12 months and older kids. The stickers with the ABC's on them labeling each box. Great learning tool and bath time toy. Brightly colored and large enough for little hands to hold. lakeshore 3 4 bathtub tracing e 1 holder abcd tiles organizer 8 m foaming magnetized orfill zweel lettering foozzilla classroom
  • Just the right size and magnetic strength for little hands. Baby loves to play with alphabet magnets on the fridge. Great letters for a learning toddler.
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