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Kad Imbas Mudahnya Solat

Kad Imbas Mudahnya Solat

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This is a very suitable example for children aged 4 and older. There are two variations for male and female.

Every movement in this flashcard is included in the illumination which is easily understood as well as video aid through the QR code.

This Flashcard has important elements such as:

💓 Cultivating active recall for training children 's brains to remember the information properly and appropriately

💓 Increase memory power and stimulate the right brain

💓 Information can be stored longer with visual and auditory rationing

💓 Learning characterizes the concept of "total physical response"

💓 Hone reading skills using syllable search

💓 Writing and extinguishing training for strengthening children 's memory Details of the flashcards :

✨ Saiz: 10.5cm x 17.5cm

✨ The material that can be written and quenched (glossy paper)

✨ Included are 10 ways to play these cards

✨ 100% color

✨ 30 cards (Male & Female)

✨ The solid content of the guide for wuduk and solat, name of the solat time and intentions of Solat Exclusive QR 

✅ Guide video

✅ Audio reading

✅ Animated Nasyid

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