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Little Muslim Readers

Lets Investigate the Earth And the Universe

Lets Investigate the Earth And the Universe

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Let's Investigate the Earth and the Universe is a series of 5 storybooks from Ummi Publications.

the 5 books are:

  1. The Vastness of the Universe
  2. The Living Planet
  3. The Burning Lamp
  4. The Shining Moon
  5. A miracle Drop
Each book contains:
  • a small guided section for parents and teachers when reading the book with children
  • A glossary page at the end also helps children learn and understand new words.
  • Reference of Al-Quran verses that are used as facts in the book
  • colourful content and illustrations of the Earth and Universe
  • Beautiful information on the Earth and Universe, to educate about the greatness of Allah and His Power, and how this Earth works
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