My Ṣalāh Book: Step By Step Prayer Guide With Sofi & Sofiyah

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Introducing our 2nd Islamic Book Series featuring Sofi & Sofiyah published by LMR Education!

This Prayer guide book does not only guide you on how to pray, but also teaches you the fundamentals of Wuḍū', Ṣalāh, Congregational Ṣalāh (Jamā'ah) and many more!

Special features:
° Colourful and illustrative content
° Suitable for all ages from Pre-school onwards
° Although it is designed for kids, it is practically good for all ages. Yes, even adults can benefit from this book too!
° Easy to read - uses Universal Transliteration and English Translation for all Du'as and recitations
° Detailed and easy to understand - Pictorial step by step in Wuḍū' and Ṣalāh, as well as summarised pictorial guide for overview
° More than just Ṣalāh - learn more about Wuḍū', Adhān, 'Awrah, and Dhikr after Ṣalāh too!

Size: 19cm L x 27cm H (Slightly smaller than A4)
Pages: 80
Soft cover