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My Preschool World Phonics

My Preschool World Phonics

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Reader 1 - 4

Phonics provides a solid foundation for children in their quest of achieving good reading proficiency. Phonics develops children's skills in decoding words through sounding out letters and letter combinations Page: 31
Size: 19 x 26 ( W x H cm)

Reader 5 - 6

(Extension to Phonics 1 to 4 to expose children to more sound found in the English language)

Phonics is an important part of teaching children how to read.

Give children the ability to associate letter forms with the speech sounds they represent

Children will be able to sound out or pronounce the words they see and be well on their way to becoming successful readers.

Unit: 19

Page: 32

Size: 19 x 26 ( W x H cm)


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