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Rainbow Zikir Pillow

Rainbow Zikir Pillow

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Turn this product into a gift by adding balloons and ribbon to it.

Do Note:

- Balloons are not helium inflated

- Box is not wrapped (Please add in Wrapping Service if you would want it to be wrapped)

- design balloons are subject to availability

- delivery charges for Gift Package is $20 per address

- Please add in "Note to seller" of the preferred balloon Design. (eg: Balloon A) and Date of Collection (Weekdays between 9.30am-6pm)


The First Rainbow Zikir Pillow in Asia by Sufian Suhaimi Include this essential item for your kids.

Now your child can sleep well and no longer rely on gadgets. Bring closer the bond of longing with Rainbow Zikir Pillow.

More than 315,603 parents are happy after 90% of their child’s problems are successfully resolved.

Who needs to get a Zikir Pillow?
⦁ Children have difficulty sleeping.
⦁ Kids love to stick with gadgets.
⦁ Children do not know how to recite dhikr and pray.
⦁ To expose islamic education lifestyle at an early phase.
⦁ To give extraordinary gift for newborn, toddler or for loved ones

What’s in the Rainbow Zikir Pillow Box?

We at Babypian are very concerned about the quality of content and premium pillows accompanied by the voices of Sufian Suhaimi and Ustaz Fakhrul (UNIC) especially for our loved ones.

● Special Button
❖ Yassin

● 5 Daily Selawat
❖ Selawat Badriyyah
❖ Selawat Syifa
❖ Selawat Tafrijiyyah
❖ Selawat Rasul
❖ Selawat Istighfar

● 6 Daily Zikir
❖ Bismillahillazi
❖ Subhanallah
❖ La ilaha illallah
❖ Allahuakbar
❖ Hasbi Rabbi
❖ Astagfirullah

● 15 Surahs
❖ Surah Al-Fatihah
❖ Ayatul Kursi
❖ Surah Ar-Rahman
❖ Surah Al-Waqi’ah
❖ Surah Al-Mulk
❖ Surah Al-Fill
❖ Surah Quraisy
❖ Surah Al-Ma’un
❖ Surah Al-Kauthar
❖ Surah Al-Kafirun
❖ Surah An-Nasr
❖ Surah Al-Masad
❖ Surah Al-Ikhlas
❖ Surah Al-Falaq
❖ Surah An-Nas


Suitable for all groups regardless of ages

Color: Rainbow
Length: 44 cm
Height: 24 cm
Width: 10 cm

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