Star Readers Set

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  • A 3-level reading programme developed for children who are learning to read, with each level consisting of 6 books
  • the books cover essential sight words that occur frequently in printed materials
  • the books are carefully arranged to ensure reading success
  • features engaging stories and adorable characters that are endearing to children
  • each book is based on a theme that is familiar to children

Titles in Level 1 For ages 3+):

  • Jim and Lily
  • Let us Take a Walk
  • Baby Bobby
  • Look, a Frog!
  • Uncle Sam is Coming

Titles in Level 2 (for ages 4+):

  • A Special Day
  • Little Chip
  • Our Lovely Garden
  • Me Dell's Farm
  • It is All Right!
  • What Can We Give?

Titles in Level 3 (for ages 5+):

  • Shopping with Mother
  • Jim Goes to the Doctor
  • Going on Holiday
  • Pandas, Zebras and More
  • The Storm
  • Wow, a Fire Engine!